Street Parties - Celebrating the Coronation

A special long bank holiday weekend is planned to celebrate His Majesty The King’s Coronation from 6 to 8 May 2023.

If you are thinking of holding a street party, it’s important to understand the requirements. Before making an application or organising an event, we advise that you carefully read the guidance on street parties on the Woking Borough Council website first.

Street party application deadline: 24 March 2023

What type of street party are you looking to hold?

Street Meets are small events which don’t require a road closure - you can do this without letting the council know. You just need to make sure you keep the pavements clear to allow people to move safely through the street and not hang bunting or banners across the street that can effect traffic.

Get more information about Street Meets online.

A street party with a road closure - you’ll need to apply to hold a street party over the bank holiday.

Apply to hold a street party 

If you are considering holding a large public event on an open space  - if your event is being organised professionally and publicised widely and anyone is welcome to attend, you need to apply for hire of open space to Woking Borough Council by 24 March 2023. 

Apply for hire of open space | Woking Borough Council

A temporary event notice is required if your event has a paid bar, is putting on entertainment or you’re charging to raise money for your event. 

Temporary event notice (TEN) | Woking Borough Council

It can take up to six weeks for your application to be reviewed and a decision made. Due to Easter holidays shortly before the Coronation Events we urge you to apply by 24 March 2023 - any applications after this date may be declined.  


You will also need to consider the following;