A Better Place


A Better Place by Tamzin Robinson


I woke up to the tune of the robin singing on the oak tree outside. The warm sun rays were streaming through my bedroom window. It was a Tuesday morning. I thought it was going to be like any other Tuesday. If only I knew how wrong I was.

“Skyla, your breakfast’s ready,” my mum shouted up the stairs.

I slowly pulled myself out of bed and dragged my feet down the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen to find that my mum had left a large plate of egg and bacon on the table. I ate it slowly, enjoying every mouthful.

I didn't have any friends at school. I enjoyed being on my own. Really I did. My mum worried about me.

“Skyla, you're 13 now – don’t you think you should have made at least one friend by now?” she would say.

But I never listened.

I stepped out of the door into the spring breeze. I felt the air blow into my face, and I smelt the blooming flowers. Suddenly, I saw a girl about the same age as me in the same uniform as me walk out of the house next doors house. That house had been deserted for years now. I was surprised that it had even bearable to live in.

The girl walked up to me. She seemed different to the other girls in my school. She seemed as lonely as I was. She walked over to me.

“Hello,” she said.

I know she was nervous as she had a slight stutter in her voice. “Hi,” I replied.

She smiled. I smiled back.

“Can I walk to school with you?” she asked shyly. “Only, I'm not one hundred percent on the way.”

“Ok,” I said.