My Story


My Story by Rhiannon Kitchener

 She is dead. She was innocent. And it’s all my fault. Nobody knows it, but I’m the villain, not her. And I'll never forgive myself.

Thursday would normally be my favourite day. Double Biology – my favourite lesson. People would normally call me a nerd, but I’ve learnt to get used to it. I walked into school that day with my satchel hung over my shoulder and as usual the popular girls were all sitting down, whispering and pointing. No doubt they were making rude remarks about my glasses and scuffed shoes.

I walked into the classroom, and I noticed a new girl sitting next to my seat. She had pale, almost white skin and thin icy blonde hair. She was almost unnatural… There was a certain glow about her.

“So,” I said, looking at her uniform, which was too big around her skinny, bony body. “What’s your name?”

“Luna,” she replied, staring at the floor.

“That’s a nice name,” I said to her. I didn’t particularly like her, but she wasn’t exactly rude. “I’m Emily.” I held out my hand for her to shake, but she looked at it, then turned back to the floor.

Before I knew it, it was break time, and it was just like any other day. I sat on the bench room I always sit on, munching on a packet of Hula Hoops, but I saw Luna walk into the building, looking around to see if anyone was watching her. I decided to follow, her, and hide every time she looked around. She walked into the toilets, but she didn’t open the door. She had just walked through a door. And I was pretty sure a normal person couldn’t do that.