Peace is a 4-letter Word


Peace is a 4-letter Word by Amy Somers

 I knew she was different. No one noticed her. Black school shoes, white blouse, crystal blue eyes. Nothing out of the ordinary. But how didn’t I realise?

This is no ordinary diary this is how it happened… I witnessed it all.

Every last bit…


I’m just trundling around the playground in my monotonous uniform, minding my own business when I see her. At first I thought it was me. I wonder if I should walk over to her but I could hear people talking about the disappearances. It has been all over the news for 2 days.

DING! Everyone crams through the tiny doors like animals. The mystery girl just slowly trekked across the playground her head hung low. I wonder who she was?

First lesson was English (my favourite). The girl stood at the front of the class. She had a face of thunder, her eyes focused on me. She smiles, not a cheery smile but a demonic smile like she sees right through me, like she knows what I’m thinking. No one has ever smiled at me like that. I could somehow see all her features like she was glowing. She had freckles spread across her nose like a picnic blanket. Her skin was pale almost like a ghost. Her eyes were soft but her look could kill.

“Hello class. As you can see we have a new student joining our class. Her name is Yelir,” Ms Ross explained in an almost baby accent. Yelir looked up cautiously and smiled. I’ve always had a thing for smiles I can tell what type they are, fake or real.

“Riley, would you like to be Yelir’s buddy?”

I jumped as she shot me out of my trance. Yelir’s facial expression changed instantly like a robot. Her eyes widened and she beamed at me. There was something about her which was almost inhuman. I pushed my chair back and escorted Yelir to the seat next to me. Even though I love English there was something about Yelir that intrigued me even Brett (the popular guy) was staring straight at her.